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Zip Lines and Outdoor Activity Parks – Acrobranch South Africa

WildX adventures | Family Activities | Garden Route
Acro-twigs R130
Perfect for the Kids
This course is a great place for the little ones to learn the ropes while being supervised by their parents and the ever-attentive guides
Age group: 4-8 years
17 Obstacles

Swinging Tarzan R240
Be prepared to test your agility and climbing ability to the limits, as you take on this course which offers a far greater challenge, than is first perceived
Age group: 10 years and up | Minimum Height : 1.4m
29 Obstacles

High Flying R340Advanced
Take things to the next level as you make your way through this intensive course
Age group: 11 years and up
Minimum height 1.4m
48 Obstacles

Opening Times:
9am to 5pm, Wednesday to Sunday, school holidays and public holidays

What is Acrobranch?
Acrobranch is a treetop experience dedicated to offering children and adults alike a unique adventure as they move from tree to tree in lush, green forests. We propose different obstacle courses in each of our parks, some for kids (marked Acrobranch Kids) and some for reasonably fit adults and teenagers. Obstacles consist of awesome tree top high ropes and tricky crossings (with ladders, tunnels, walkways and bridges). We also offer spectacular zip lines to top it off. You will enjoy two hours of fun and adventure with Acrobranch – it is an awesome way to experience something a bit unique!

Birthday parties
An Acrobranch adventure is perfect for a Birthday party, for adults and for kids. Invite a group to climb, swing, balance, explore and abseil their way around a tree canopy tour or one of our four adrenalin-packed courses.

Team building
Acrobranch proposes great packages for a different type of outdoor team building activity, one that will create an unforgettable and awesome experience for your colleagues and employees! We will tailor the day to suit your needs and your budget.

Safety is paramount to us. Obstacles including zip lines have all been designed and built to European standards and verified by European industry experts. Our safety gear is EU-marked and imported directly from Europe. When you arrive, we will first brief you for a bit of safety before you leap off to an obstacle course. All our guides are rigorously trained.

Supplying the Garden Route with a healthy dose of adrenalin is the High Flying Course at Acrobranch Wildwoods.
Comprised of 48 Obstacles, all designed to test courage, agility and strength. Tarzan swings, Balance Posts and other aerial obstacles will demand respect while several Ziplines let you take flight above the natural forest floor.

WildX adventures | Family Activities | Garden Route

An estimated two and a half hours after commencing this fun filled course, you’ll be safely transported back to the ground via a mind blowing 102m, gravity assisted Zipline.

For the less adventurous, or those with time restraints, we offer 2 shorter stages, as well as the Monkey Moves course for the tiny adventurer.

Please note that all courses have varying age, height and weight restrictions

Take to the trees at Acrobranch Garden Route

WildX adventures | Family Activities | Garden Route
Experience the majestic forests of the Garden Route National Park like never before with a trip to Acrobranch. Only a short drive from Knysna, George and Plettenberg Bay, Acrobranch has become a well-loved outdoor adventure that attracts tourists and locals alike.  Located in the Timberlake Organic Village, guests will enjoy the jaw-dropping beauty of the forests, lakes and mountains that surround the park. Slide, balance, jump, crawl or swing through the action packed courses.
Adventure courses at Acrobranch Garden Route. Whether you are tackling the course as an individual or as part of a group, Acrobranch will certainly get the adrenaline pumping.

Kids between the ages of 4 and 8 can let loose on the Acro-twigs course. Designed to keep your little ones safe as they take on the challenge of the 17 obstacles that come their way, the course is dutifully monitored by our expert staff. The Swinging Tarzan may appear simple enough, but don’t be fooled – this course has many challenging obstacles to navigate. Your abilities will be tested throughout the 29 obstacles, leaving you with a triumphant sense of achievement at the end. Ready to take on the High Flying course? Ages 11 and up can challenge themselves to the exhilarating course that boasts an impressive 48 obstacles. Gradually building up from the 1.4m high start, this course will test your strength, agility and determination.

Recreational Activities, Restaurants and Catering
Spend the day taking in the beauty and excitement of the Timberlake Organic Village. Sit back and relax after an aerial adventure at Acrobranch, as the kids enjoy the race track, jungle gym with giant slide, friendly goats, and fantasy garden walk.

Nothing like an exhilarating Tree-Top Adventure to entertain your friends and family

WildX adventures | Family Activities | Garden Route
Hours of fun in beautiful trees, Adults and kids love it - ideal for groups of friends and families.
A great way to celebrate a birthday or have a friendly function
Acrobranch hosts unique team building events
Don't miss out on a great day out!